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The team at Marseille & Nizza want to feed the community that has fed us all these years. Starting Monday October 12, members of any “Coalition of Broadway Unions & Guilds” organization can "Eat Now, and Pay Later (if they can)" every night from 9PM until close. Click here to view the "fine print".

For the past 20 years, these restaurants have been the home of many actors & theatergoers pre and post performance. Your success has been our success. Now, as the industry has been decimated due to Covid-19, we want to make sure that the arts community stays well fed and well loved. The restaurants will keep a house account for each Union or Guild member who dines after 9PM any day of the week. When the theater returns to New York, and the community starts working again, the amount owed can be paid off as slowly or as quickly as possible, if at all. Our gratitude and respect for you and what you do is immense. We are hopeful this program will allow you to have some stress free fun during these challenging times.

Space is limited so reservations are recommended. When reserving, let us know you are a member, and we will send you the registration info before you arrive. Walk-ins are welcome if space permits.

Any members of the public who would like to help sponsor this initiative, please write us at

Better days are ahead for all!


Oren, Chef Andy, Robert, Syed, David & Prince